Today I washed my hair

Today I washed my hair and you will say… great !!! And I will say, well, yes, FANTASTIC !!!! because, believe me, the size does matter, even if it is to be able to dye the four gray hairs to darken them without running the risk of painting the shell as well! I still have an inch left to be able to take this step, but in the meantime, this morning I rubbed my hair with the foam that has been awakened by the shampoo forgotten for the past eight months in the corner of the shower.

It is these little novelties that encourage me when, suddenly, you take a step back with a headache and pains in the joints. They say the effects of chemo take half a year to go away, and now the tiredness of the radiotherapy add to this, but I’m happy.

If the radiotherapy machine does not break down again, I will have finished this phase of treatment on August 31st. It will be then when I will let my curls down, loose in the air and decorate them with the colors and the scent of the flowers of the field. It will be then when I will also go jogging along the Camí de Cavalls, celebrating being able to run again and finishing with a hot shower and a refreshing hair wash accompanied, this time, by a wonderful, calming hair softener! Oh yeah !!!!

Good Health, M

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