Family ties

Something moves within family relationships when one of the clan, in this case me, falls wounded. Each of the members takes on a role and they all have a vital connection point: love !!!!

Behind this feeling, however, are many surnames / adjectives available that add to the essence of love. I mean, suddenly, each family component could be grouped into one group or another according to their role / role:

  • Love + stewardship
  • Love + financial resources
  • Love + scientific rigor
  • Love + accompaniment in situ
  • Deep and two-way love of children

The cavalry set off at minute zero and they are all the main protagonists of the Maria project !!! They are the main barn stick, there are others, though.

It is worth mentioning that I am clear that during the project I would like to be able to deepen my relationship with each of the family members. Reviewing trajectories, how did we feel at specific moments in our life together, whether we wanted to change or not? Thousands of questions and nuances to discover and heal !!

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