Alba has a physiotherapist, swimming, aquagym, dance classes, a yoga workshop and various activities and talks on topics that will help to overcome this moment in life, such as healthyeating, sex life after surgery, movemtns of muscle relaxation, etc…



Women affected by breast cancer (both total and partial removal) have basic needs for the recovery of functionality and a return to daily life.

The objectives of physiotherapy treatment are:

● Avoid “Lymphedema” (inflammation of the arm due to the removal of the lymph nodes).
● Recover functionality.
● Treat scars.
● Decrease pain.
● Prevent complications that may arise.

Techniques used:
In the treatment process, the physiotherapist uses gentle stretches and pressures on the body, in order to avoid pain and regain the functionality of the body.

Hours arranged on  the  Rubén’s phone (physiotherapist) 653171455


Objectives of the workshop:

● Avoid the stress of women suffering from breast cancer, as it is one of the cancers that causes the most alterations, due to the anxiety it produces.
● The relaxation and breathing techniques that are practiced in the workshop are a great help for patients who are receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.
● With gentle movements, back pain improves, caused
by the imbalance of the body caused by the lack of weight of a breast.
● Help improve the problems of the arms affected by lymphedema. 
● Help to improve breathing, changing the heart rate, through relaxed breathing, which leads us to
better oxygenate the whole body.
It is shown that all women who practice yoga, are much more relaxed, and face check-ups and doctor visits in a calmer way.


Aquagym helps treat lymphedema or prevent its onset, improves mobility tones and combats states of anxiety or depression. Practice it in our “Aquagym Workshop”. Physical activity is one of the best methods through which you can combat states of anxiety, stress or depression, as physical activity adapted to the abilities of each individual generates the hormone called “endorphin” known to all as “the hormone in charge of well-being”. Although Aquagym was originally intended for people with muscle, bone or joint injuries, and also for the elderty; it has spread to the rest of the population because of its magnificent benefits to the body and its dynamic and very fun component that make it a unique sport. The biggest advantage of Aquagym is the medium in which it develops in the water. This helps to make all movements much easier without noticing fatigue.  Many exercises performed in the water would be impossible to perform in a gym, but  thanks to the water the body is “subject” and allows flotation giving it more freedom.

Lack of gravity, decreases the impact of the body with the ground and tension on the joints . This allows you to perform more lasting and frequent exercises, and without risk of injury. It also benefits people with reduced mobility  by releasing the weight provided by weightlessness. In addition, aquatic gymnastics within the framework of recreational activity report psychological benefits.

Among the benefits it provides, we can mention following:


            ► Promotes blood circulation.

            ► Promotes good posture.

            ► Promotes the development of muscles.

            ► Promotes respiratory education.

            ► Promotes relaxation.

            ► Improved flexibility and endurance.

            ► Cardiovascular improvement.

            ► It provides greater resistance to stress.

The workshops are held at the Malbuger Sports Center, at the request voucher in Alba.


We advise applying for the degree of disability after having been operated on for breast cancer, especially if this has involved a mastectomy.
This disability does not involve receiving financial compensation or any payment. It is simply a recognition that allows you to have certain tax advantages, discounts on public transport, tuition fees for university, the exception of paying fees for exams, discounts for entering museums, and so on.
At ALBA we can guide you, tell you what you need, where to go, how to do it.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a complementary therapy that involves listening to or playing an instrument as part of a broader treatment. Several studies show its positive effects when used in people with cancer. Music therapy is a therapy that studies the effect of music on the human being. Uses musical elements (sound, harmony, melody, rhythm, silence) as the main means of work. This is done in order to open new forms of communication, physical and / or neurological rehabilitation that provide a higher quality of life for the patient. Music therapy is also a combination of art and science, and can be a therapy that supports pharmacological therapy itself.


Physiological : involvement in the organic functions of the body, as well as in the central and peripheral nervous system.

Social: involves a rewarding experience for the person, facilitating emotional expression and communication, avoiding the feeling of isolation. At the same time, the relationship between the professional and the patient is strengthened.

Psychological: reduces anxiety, strengthens self-esteem and facilitates acceptance. It promotes relaxation and decreases the perception of pain.

Intellectuals: promotes attention, imagination and creativity, while improving memory.




Benefits After Breast Cancer Surgery Another sport that is beginning to show benefits in women who have overcome breast cancer and were operated on is archery.
The practice of this sport is being encouraged in various groups of patients, where a preparatory physiotherapy session is held, an introductory course and then the practice of archery 1 or 2 times a week.
The contraction and relaxation of the muscle groups involved during the practice of archery promotes lymphatic circulation, thus preventing the appearance of lymphedema. An improvement in the functional level of the arm can also be observed, and the feeling of heaviness that is usually common in these cases decreases. In addition, beyond practice
sports, a group dynamic and coexistence between the formed group is established.

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