Hug me

For days I have been thinking about your way of embracing me, so strong but also so tender, so deep but also so physical. You have a way of hugging that can not be forgotten, which is why I thought of you when with my daughter, we talked about the power of the hug to deal with her fears, exams, or anxieties. Her teacher, one day, asked her how she prepared for her exams and she told him about the power of the hug and how they practiced it among her sisters to charge their souls with energy.

Hugs within the family usually disappear with pre-adolescence, a stage where demonstrations of affection between parents and children do not seem to please the latter. It is suddenly embarrassing to show feelings openly and farewells or receptions are resolved with two kisses blown away and lost in the air.

But one day, we decided that those formal greetings had to be changed, aware of the distance they created between members of a family. The hug was too exaggerated for the day to day, so a happy medium was agreed upon; not two kisses, not a hug, but a single kiss, yes, however, a dedicated and loving, chic to chic, real, sincere, just as it should be!

And this is how I have regained hugs with friends and kisses with children, siblings and parents, because life is too short and we can’t wait for the other one not to be there to mourn all the kisses and hugs that we would have liked to have given them. From now on every time we say goodbye, we do it with a big hug and stretch it as much as we can in time, as if with more seconds, more energy.

This is why tomorrow I will look for you and ask you to embrace me strong and brave, like when we shared moments and secrets. I will also look for you to thank you for all the energy that you transmitted to me when I needed it most and that suddenly came to my mind like lightning. Better late than never. You, who is patient, already knows this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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